Monday, January 6, 2014

The Story Orgy's back!

Well hello Story Orgy lovers…

I can’t believe it’s been a year since the SO didn’t post any of their Prompts… I don’t know about you, but I certainly missed it. Even if we never were far from each other (on the Internet, of course, not in real life… sadly) posting every Monday kind of bring us closer. So I’m very happy to be back, even if it’s only for a month… or a year.

Ok, you know how it works. The Goddess gave us a prompt: he hadn’t seen him in a year.

Oh, if you’re new to it, I need to explain a little who is who and then, you'll click on their name to read their stories, ok?

Our Goddess: Em Woods

My Kind Sir: Lee Brazil

My Fur King: Hank Edwards

My yang: Havan Fellows

My Sunshine: JR Boyd (no link for the moment, my Sunshine will come when he's ready)

You noticed the “our” and “my” right? Good!

Now that you know everybody, back to the prompt. So, the Goddess gives us a prompt, and we have to write a story with it in it.

So here’s my story (I still don’t have a title, so if you think about one, don’t hesitate, leave a comment – although you can leave a comment even if you don’t have a title *winks*)

Now, I’m no writer, but these wonderful people keep accepting that I post a story with them. I’m more a “photo person”, you know, the camera girl, so I’m more proud about the pic I made than the story I wrote, but at least I tried J

He hadn't seen him in a year


       pt. 1
             copyright © 2014 Jade Baiser


Shane lifted his head from the computer and looked at the man standing impatiently in front of his desk. Dan was persistent, to say the least. Shane sighed and prepared himself for what was about to come.
“Hi, Dan. And yes, I had a wonderful Christmas, thank you for asking.”
“Oh please! We all know you spent it all alone because you refused to come to my place. But this time, I won’t take no for an answer. You’re coming to my New Year’s Eve party, and that’s it!”
“Hey! I wasn’t alone! Spence was with me. And we cuddled all night long in front of the fire place. That was… nice.”
Dan rolled his eyes. “I love Spence, but it’s just a dog. You need some human interaction. You used to be so funny, Shane. What happened to you?” He put his hands on the desk and leaned to look in his friend’s eyes. “The last time I saw the real you was at your birthday party, and that was seven months ago. I don’t know what happened then, but you need to get a grip. And lucky for you, I’m here to help you do just that. So… Be at my place around nine. You don’t need to bring anything, just be there!” He turned around and left, leaving Shane with his mouth open to obviously refuse the invitation but not giving him the time to do so.
Shane closed his mouth and looked at his friend as he went back to his own desk, a few steps away. Damn, Dan would not give up. He would harass him until Shane agreed. He sighed again, louder this time. After all, maybe he actually needed to take his mind off of things. He was living as a hermit for almost seven months now, only leaving home to go to work, and for what? He was punishing himself, but he wasn't the only one to blame in this.
His phone rang, snatching him from his dark thoughts. With a last glance in Dan's direction, who pretended not to see him, he picked it up and spoke to the customer who called. This was going to be a long day.
Shane hurried home. Of course, he had to deal with a very unhappy customer – working at a help desk wasn’t his first choice, but he needed money to pay his rent – and now he was late and Spence would be mad at him. Not to mention that he would have to leave his dog alone for the evening to attend Dan’s party. As predicted, his friend didn’t let go. While Shane was hoping for a quiet lunch break, Dan kept telling him – ordering him – to come to his party. Shane finally agreed because he wanted Dan off his back. And also because he really wanted to get out of this prison he had locked himself in.
 The subway ride was challenging, as always at this hour in New York; too many people and not enough room. He hated this promiscuity. In fact, he wanted to live in the countryside, but no one needed a computer expert there, so he was sentenced to stay in the Big Apple. His parents were farmers, and his fondest memories were on their farm. Unfortunately, they died in an accident when he was eight, and having no other family, he was placed in state care. He had somehow made ​​his way through several foster families and discovered a passion for IT in one of them who owned a computer. Since then, he was more comfortable with computers than humans. He had tried to mingle without much success. Until last year, at the same period... He had thought at that time that there might be hope for him. He could remember it just like it happened yesterday…
The music was loud, so loud. Shane began to regret having come at all. But he had promised Dan he would make an appearance, even if it went against everything he wanted. He was not very comfortable in society. When he was going out with Dan – just as friends, they didn't have that kind of relationship – it was easy. They got along very well, and Shane could let go and show his true nature. And they were having fun like crazy. But today, all these people scared him. Where did Dan meet all of them? He and Dan were inseparable and Shane couldn't remember seeing him with other people beside himself. So where did they all come from?
“Shane! You made it!”
He turned around to see his friend smiling like a fool.
“Of course I did. I promised, didn’t I?”
“Yes, you did. And I’m very happy that you came. Come on, let me introduce you to an old friend. He’s from my home town and just moved here to follow his boyfriend. I’m sure you’ll love him, he’s a doll!” Dan kept babbling while pushing Shane though the room full of people, nodding to some of them but never stopping to talk to anybody. “You’ll see, he’s really a great guy. I haven’t seen him in a year, so you’ll understand that I’m a little excited about it!”
“A little excited? Well, that an understatement! Will you stop pushing me already!”
They finally reached the small kitchen where a man was standing, alone, and talking on his phone.
“No, that’s okay, take your time. I’ll be here… Yes, I’ll tell him…”
Shane observed him while he talked. He was tall, maybe a few inches more than his own six feet three inches. Dark hair that brushed his shoulders and slightly curled at the end. He couldn’t see his eyes color, but his eyebrows were thick and he was frowning. His lips seemed full but were drawn in a thin line at the moment. Well, he didn’t look very happy.
“Alright, see you then… Me too… No, no, I’m fine, really…”
He didn’t seem fine to Shane, but he wouldn’t say anything about it.
“Yes… I need to go now, Dan’s here… Yes, no problem… I love you.”
The last words were whispered, but Shane heard them nonetheless.
“Luke says hi”, the man said while closing his phone. “He’s sorry he can be here now, but he’ll try to come later. Some problem with his sister. You don’t want to know. Hello, I’m Rick”, he added to Shane while reaching out to shake his hand. “You must be Dan’s friend, Shane. He talked a lot about you.”


  1. Great start Jade...but you left me with lots of questions so I expect another post next Monday...*sits and waits* don't mind me - I can entertain myself until then...*winks*

    1. Thank you my yang. And you can stay as long as you want <3

  2. Ooh... Rick sounds like he might be a good match for Shane :) Then Again, I kind of like Dan.

    1. Hum... I think you'll have a surprise Lee lol

  3. Hmm, if there's going to be a surprise, I hope it's for Shane. He needs a bit of romance, or hot, steamy man -sex! LOL! Looking forward to next week's post, Jade Princess!

    1. Yes he does, Fur king. And I'll try to give it to him :)

  4. Oh poor Shane! He seems so lonely and sad. Wonder if Rick's the one to make him happy. Or will it be Dan... Can't wait to find out!

    1. Thank you Dianne. Glad you enjoyed it :)