Saturday, December 14, 2013

When social network becomes a great tool to friendship

I always thought that I could never see any true unselfishness on a social network like Facebook. I was wrong. Recent events have shown me that friendship is not always an empty word.
Author Eric Arvin is in the hospital with a tumor at his brain stem that is keeping him from breathing on his own. I don't know anything about the American insurance system, but I know that it can be very expensive to pay for all the tests and surgeries that need to be done in this case. So I could understand that beyond the worry of Eric's health, there was also the payment’s question.
Well, believe it or not, a chain of friendship was created on Facebook, and a fundraiser was held. And what I saw there was unbelievable!
I'm so proud to be a part of this community. This gives me hope in humanity. It is not so rotten after all. There are still good people on earth. Hurray!
If you too want to help Eric, you can send him a message on his Facebook's page or participate on the fundraiser.
And remember… life can be beautiful when we all hold hands in the adversity.

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